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Case Histories

The EIS team has developed lasting relationships with key customers, and looks forward to putting our experience and technology to work for you.

With complete service offerings ranging from first article inspection through full PPAP documentation and beyond, EIS is recognized as a metrology leader by major telecommunications, medical and automotive OEMs and Tiered suppliers.

Below are just a few examples of the benefits of working with EIS:

Customer / Project Description Example of... Benefit to Customer

Electronics OEM USB Connector

Kevin Teed worked round the clock with customer engineers on the prototype to reach desired functionality quickly.

Engineering Services

Cut down iterations, improved speed to market

Medical Customer Endodontic root canal drill bit

Patented tip design involved in intellectual property dispute… Court appointed Kevin’s laboratory to measure tips to confirm IP violation.

3rd Party Verification

Protection of IP, verification of competitor's product characteristics

Local Die/Machining Co. Calibration System

To meet a customer requirement, EIS developed ISO 9000 - compliant calibration procedures.

Quality Consulting Services - Calibration Systems

Meet their customer's expectations at low cost and without requiring the addition of further technical personnel.